Went to Bainbridge yesterday and visited Billie.

May 13, 2024, 10:56am
Aurora over Seattle. Aurora over Seattle. Aurora over Seattle. Aurora over Seattle.

The aurora is barely visible to the naked eye, but the phone camera picks it up nicely.

May 10, 2024, 11:50pm

Finished reading The Long Earth by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter. A promising setup (what if people could step through an endless series of parallel Earths?) was let down by merely adequate writing and a very abrupt out-of-nowhere ending (that wasn’t really an ending at all but a setup for the next book). Glad I read this book; not sure if I’ll read the next.

May 9, 2024, 9:26am

This year, instead of juncos, we have wrens, not even an arm’s length from the door.

May 1, 2024, 6:06pm

Alumni weekend was just great, seeing some people I’m still in touch with and others I haven’t seen since graduation, catching up and bonding again.

Apr. 29, 2024, 8:12pm
Palm trees lining a street in Seal Beach.

Walked around the eastern side of town this morning, then rocked down to Electric Avenue and off to Claremont.

Apr. 26, 2024, 11:01am

Had dinner at El Burrito Jr. last night, somehow unchanged in decades, then walked around the west side of town and briefly over into Long Beach.

Apr. 26, 2024, 8:25am
Palm trees at Seal Beach.
Apr. 25, 2024, 7:47pm (edited)

Heading down to LA for a college reunion.

Apr. 25, 2024, 11:02am

Finished reading Dinner in Rome: A History of the World in One Meal by Andreas Viestad: a light overview of food and history, through the lens of a single (large) meal at Rome’s La Carbonara. The lightness is counterbalanced by an excellent bibliography, like A History of the World in Six Glasses (discussed in the bibliography).

Apr. 23, 2024, 10:46pm

Oven guy came to repair the oven again.

Apr. 23, 2024, 12:41pm

Visited Mom (back from South Carolina), then walked over Queen Anne to Pike Place Market: about 14k steps, 7 miles.

Apr. 20, 2024, 4:48pm

Went to the game store for Magic with the dude and Greg and his son. We had a good time; one guy played against me and Greg and the dude in his three rounds.

Apr. 14, 2024, 1:22pm

Mowed the lawn yesterday, first time this year.

Apr. 14, 2024, 1:21pm

Finished reading The Tainted Cup by Robert Jackson Bennett, another murder mystery, though not quite so noir-y as Cahokia Jazz. This one is set in an odd fantasy world, and we’re left with a clear path to more stories starring the protagonist and his brash boss.

Thinking back on it, the book feels somewhat similar to Bridge of Birds.

Apr. 12, 2024, 8:21am